Background to St Cleer Parish Projects Group

This group was set up in 1998 as the Millennium Group to organise celebrations and commemoration of the new century.

To raise money for this project we produced a millennium calendar with views of the local area financed with some cash flow funding borrowed from the parish council, which we repaid in full with enough surplus to produce the medallions.

Other activities to celebrate the millennium included a walk of the parish boundaries, which took place in stages over three Sundays, and an art and craft Safari which was held in all the small community halls around the parish and in St Cleer church.

We also obtained funding for the group who produced the millennium map of St Cleer. This is a large wall hanging, currently in St Cleer church, embroidered to show the layout of the parish with the border of local history.

During the life of the group we were asked to undertake environmental enhancements at Trethevy Quoit, which was accomplished with rural key funding of approximately £10,000. The triangle of land, kindly donated, was cleared and tidied, parking spaces were built and an interpretation panel in several languages including Cornish was installed. We also included an installation site for the parish map which was in production.

When the work of this group was complete we realised its value. It's Constitution stated that it must cease on 30th June 2000 and at the meeting that evening it was reborn as St Cleer Parish Projects Group.

Parish Project Group (an unincorporated voluntary association)

Since its inauguration the Group has organised

Golden Jubilee Celebration

a tea party for 100 people who could remember the Coronation was held and paid for from group funds with donations of food from members. The group also sourced and distributed the Jubilee Mugs which were given to pupils of the two primary schools in the parish. The cost of the mugs was borne by the Parish Council.

Skateboard Park

a group of approximately 20 young people approached the Parish Council at their meeting to request a Skateboard Park for the parish. The Parish Council were prepared to give an area of land at the Sports field for the purpose and to administer and maintain such a park in the future if it was possible for one to be provided. The group obtained funding of £61,000, undertook consultations with the skateboarders on the design and project managed to completion. Funding £61,000 from seven successful funding bids.

Dissenters General Cemetery and Chapel.

Set up in 1864 by the dissenting denominations of the area and Chapel in particular was becoming dilapidated, the cemetery itself was also becoming overgrown. A Heritage Lottery Fund Grant was obtained to restore the Chapel, to record the history and biodiversity of the cemetery and to make all the information widely available. Funding £35,300.

Constitution of Parish Projects Group signed 30th June 2001

  • The Group shall be open to any resident of the Parish of St Cleer. Anyone who attends the meeting may speak and vote.
  • The Group shall meet not less than twice a year.
  • There shall be four elected officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • The aims of the group are:-
  • To engender a feeling of community within the Parish of St Cleer.
  • To aid the funding and progress of projects of benefit to the community.
  • The Group will be non profit making.

The Group will keep accounts of all income and expenses. Should the Group be wound up any funds remaining will be distributed to charities agreed by the Group at that time

  • Chairman Maureen Emuss
  • Secretary Derris Watson
  • Treasurer Daphne Cook

Current Officers

  • Chairman Mrs Georgie Kelly
  • Secretary Mrs Derris Watson
  • Treasurer Mrs Daphne Cook

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