The last few weeks have seen the breakdown of the long dry spell which enabled us to do so much earlier in the year. Seed pods are forming on the plants we haven’t managed to reach but we are still trying to do all we can. The watercourses have been cleared to their junction although there is more work still to be done, especially down towards the road and the main stream . One interesting item was the discovery of the tracks of a small deer in the mud of the upper bog. This weekend a start has been made in clearing a path for the machinery which will be necessary to remove the willows in the pond. A path has been cut 6 inches above ground level, and this will be widened in stages. The area is rich in reptiles which is why the cut was at a height to make sure they were not strimmed and the gradual widening will encourage them to move to an area away from the machine access. An added benefit was the strimming of Balsam plants which it was impossible to reach due to the brambles they were growing amongst.

Posted: 08-08-11

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