Having claimed all grant due for this year and received the money(EU grants are always made to repay what you have already spent) all we need is the rest of the ecological reports which are now overdue.

However at the end of a successful first year we are now looking forward to restarting in the spring. By that time we shall have seen how the cleared area of the pond progresses during the wet winter weather and will be able to make more detailed plans for the completion of that work. We shall also need to draw up a detailed plan of how to proceed at the well site. It is most important to do this in a way which keeps any movement of silt downstream to an absolute minimum.

We are hoping that a few more people will join the balsam clearance next year as not only will we be looking to keep those areas already pulled clear for the next season but we also need to pull the areas which have been sprayed to remove bracken to make them accessible.

Posted: 06-12-11

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